Transparency and Simplicity At Your Fingertips

Posted on April 15, 2018 by Batavia, IL Leave a comment

By Mark Porter, President and CEO

As I prepare to represent High Wire Networks at Field Service USA 2018 this week, and compete against companies like Siemens Medical Technologies for the Most Innovative Approach to Delivery Service Award, I thought it would be important to share the message with you. While it is nice to be recognized by industry peers, what is far more important to me is the recognition we receive from our clients and staff.  From top to bottom, our entire organization is working to improve the client experience.  This is geared toward both of our clients-- VARs, Distributors, Manufacturers, and MSPs and their clients, the end-users.  How we do our jobs plays a material part in how the end-users view our clients.

We are constantly thinking of ways to use technology to innovate and create a better experience. We prioritize our efforts in the context of three unique facets High Wire Networks offers our clients:

  • A process that is easy to engage and integrates well with our clients
  • Subject-matter expertise in how to Get Work Done
  • Efficiency and cost-effectiveness to enable our clients to improve their bottom line

In this fashion, the innovative tools we have developed will give customers what they want, enable our team members to focus their efforts to add the most value, and manage delivery costs to budget or better.

What have we actually done?  We’ve innovated quite a bit.

For our clients:

  • Transparency
  • Real time information that is visual and interactive
  • Creative use of video to provide context and quality control
  • Eliminate steps in the process
  • No more death by spreadsheet
  • Allow more options for self-service and collaboration

For our team:

  • Give them the ability to manage hundreds of client interactions with a graphical interface highlighting where attention is needed right away
  • Shorten the time to resolution by aggregating information from multiple systems in one place and allow them to take actions with just a touch or a click
  • Eliminate duplication of effort

For efficiency:

  • Custom reporting capabilities
  • The ability to import and export structured data from one system to another
  • Full automation of employee and partner management
  • Integrate our Cloud UC solutions to leverage video, voice, and meetings technology from within the toolsets

How have we achieved all of this?

We have worked very hard to build a digital toolbox that provides all of these features and applications, which are fully integrated end-to-end.  First, we built a patent pending mapping tool to make it easy for our clients to see what we are doing in real time. Second, we selected workflow automation tools that are purpose-built for the industry. Third, we use labor clouds that give us tremendous flexibility in how we execute.  In addition, we chose a best in class cloud UC solutions to help us communicate in multi-media and deliver in ways that were unavailable to a mid-size organization like ours two to three years ago.  The best part is, we’ve built APIs between all of these systems and included commercial tools like Twilio.  All of the systems communicate with each other bidirectionally and all of the information syncs up.  Our clients can see this consolidated information through a single lens and our team manages it through a common interface as well.

How can High Wire help you?

We “Get Work Done.”  We would love to show you the results of all of this effort on your next project.  Whether you have a single site or thousands of sites, we have a solution for you.

Email us: or call us: 952.974.4000