April: A Month of Cyber Tragedies

Posted on April 10, 2018 by Batavia, IL Leave a comment

By: Stan Herring, Director of Security Product & Strategy at High Wire Networks

In the first 10 days of April we have been alerted to dozens of new cyberattacks.  Over 200,000 network switches made by the security vendor Cisco were hacked. This breach affects the critical infrastructure that underpins the internet and many internet service providers worldwide. The city of Atlanta is still recovering from a major shutdown by ransomware. Delta Airlines and Sears suffered data breaches that exposed the credit card data of hundreds of thousands of customers, resulting from a breach at a third-party service provider.  Under Armor, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor and Boeing have all recently experienced breaches. Panera Bread let a breach go undetected for eight months even though white-hat hackers told them last August they were seeing anomalies.

What does it mean? Will we all become victims of hackers?

No, it means that your customers can’t rely on just firewalls, intrusion detection systems or compliance requirements to protect their assets. It is not enough. VARs and MSPs need to provide higher-level security service to keep customer data safe.  The most important next step is to make Security Operation Center services--trained cybersecurity professionals evaluating network traffic and hunting for network anomalies 24x7x365-- part of your product portfolio.  Your customers CTOs and CISOs will say they can’t afford round the clock Monitoring, Detection and Response when the truth is they cannot afford to be without it.

New services like High Wire’s Overwatch Managed Security (OMS) provides our VAR and MSP partners an affordable alternative to building and staffing a cybersecurity center. High Wire's OMS eliminates the startup and operations costs of doing it yourself. OMS will soon be available for resell directly to your customers.

If you'd like to learn more about OMS, email High Wire Networks: overwatch@highwirenetworks.com or call 952.974.4000.