Are your Vendors Secure?

Posted on July 23, 2018 by Mark Porter Leave a comment

Are Your Vendors Securing Your Data?

By Mark Porter, President and CEO

Every day we hear about another large corporation with a data breach, or a large-scale ransomware attack, or a new router vulnerability.  The cyber world is a very scary place, but scarier still, we rely on human beings not making mistakes to a very large extent.  Our people are “Getting Work Done” for clients, other vendors are working away on the same projects.  Customer information is being shared freely and openly, across systems, in spreadsheets, in the cloud, storage sites, and who knows where else.  Passwords, diagrams, addresses, and phone numbers are all just some of the information that is often required to deliver a project successfully. 

 At High Wire, we are working very hard to create a culture of security with our team.  We want to share with you, our clients, and with your potential customers, the steps we’ve undertaken to protect all the data in our systems.  You can trust High Wire Networks not only to deliver on your project, but to act responsibly in protecting anything you and your customers share with us.

  • Comprehensive Company-wide Security Policy that must be accepted and adhered to
  • 24/7/365 Unified Threat Monitoring and Management via our Overwatch Security Operations Center for rapid detection of anomalies
  • Monthly vulnerability scanning
  • Security personnel on staff
  • Adherence to NIST 800-53 cyber security standards
  • Strong password requirement for all system access that must be changed at least every 90 days
  • Internal security briefings at regular intervals  
  • Security discussion points on every standing call
  • Open door policy for employees who observe a risk or see a way to improve
  • Participation in ongoing discussions with our clients to review opportunities for improvement and collaboration
  • Disposal of sensitive information upon completion of projects, tickets, and other activities as appropriate
  • Scrubbing of data leaving our systems to remove sensitive content

 At High Wire, we believe that security is everyone’s responsibility, and we want to work with our customers to make sure that we are collectively safeguarding the information we are provided. 

 Let us know how we can protect your business from a data breach. Email High Wire Networks at or call us: 952-974-4000.