Trust but Verify!

Posted on January 14, 2018 by Batavia, IL Leave a comment

When implementing technology around the world, it is important to be able to validate the quality of the work being performed.  At High Wire Networks, we are constantly looking for ways to leverage the very same technologies we deploy to improve the customer experience.  One of our latest service improvements is the ability to leverage video for site surveys, quality control, and delivery checkout and sign off.  By leveraging a combination of several of our industry leading, cloud based tools, we can provide a narrated video to our clients to provide rich context to your service delivery event.  Video provides our clients with a full understanding of the work performed, a visual inspection of the work area and surroundings, and the ability to demonstrate a full cycle of the device that was installed.

High Wire Networks is constantly investing in the the best tools available to help us extend your brand to your clients, wherever they may be.  With video checkouts, you can verify the work meets your clients' exacting standards and rest assured it was done right. Check out how the process works:

View the Video Checkout link

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